Breaking in my Versace leggings in Jamaica

Hellshire Beach june 12 1

What is the first thing you want to do when you’re on an island? Well…? Yes, that’s right. Going to the beach and enjoying the view, the white sand, the blue water, the clear blue sky and of course the sun. So that’s the first thing we tried to do on our first whole day on the Island of Jamaica. I say tried because that is exactly what we did. 

The first day in Jamaica we tried to visit Hellshire Beach in St. Catherine Parish since we stayed in Kingston 6 (Kingston and St Andrew Parish) which has no beach. But we left the house a little late to catch the bus at the bus terminal in Halfway Tree that goes to the beach, and ended up waiting at the wrong platform. One of the guys of the bus company gave us the wrong information, and even though the number of the bus we needed wasn’t written at the platform, we still waited there, because that’s what you do when you are in a strange country for the first time. You follow the directions of the locals, which in this case were WRONG! So we waited and waited but there was no bus coming, that’s when we decided to give up the beach plan and leave it for the next day. We walked a little around Halfway Tree, and then asked directions to go to a place that is the first thing that comes to mind for a fashionista..the mall. We then took the bus to Sovereign Centre in Liguanea, not far from Mona where we were staying. Walked around, did some groceries at the supermarket and had dinner at the food court. The next day: Beach Time!

This time we were well prepared, left the house earlier, waited at the right platform and hopped on the bus to Hellshire Beach. For this day I wanted to have a tropical look that also goes well with the place I’m going. That’s why I broke in my Versace leggings. These were leggings from the Versace for H&M collection from a few years ago, but I never had an occasion to wear them. So that’s why I put them in my suitcase while packing, because Jamaica was the perfect place to wear these. Styled with a yellow top that I got in Suriname, and also never worn before, and my blue I love Su flat sandals, I created my Tropical Island outfit. Shades on and I was ready to go. Easy, simple and comfy.

Hellshire Beach june 12 20140612_161201 20140612_161202 20140612_161204 20140612_161215 20140612_161216 20140612_161217 20140612_161218 20140612_161120

My outfit

Palm Print Leggings: Versace for H&M

Yellow Top: Miss Ruru

Flat Sandals: I Love Su (not the official brand)

Shades: a gift

This day at the beach was two weeks ago on june 12, the same day the FIFA World Cup 2014 started, so sadly I missed the opening ceremony with JLO, and the first game. There were a lot of restaurants and bars to catch the game, but since I wasn’t alone I decided to just enjoy the beach and catch the end score. All and all I had a lovely day at Hellshire Beach.


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