Anna Wintour look a like in the latest Captain America movie

Today I went to the new Marvel movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier. As I always watch movies with a fashion eye also, I couldn’t help but notice that one of the new S.H.I.E.L.D. members, played by Jenny Agutter, had a striking resemblance to Anna Wintour. Now I wonder if her style was based and inspired on that of miss Wintour. She didn’t have a big role in the film, but every time she came on I was thinking: hey Anna Wintour. That’s what I called her in the movie. On I’ve read that Jenny has actually already been in the MCU with a small role as a World Security Council member in The Avengers. Since I didn’t see that movie yet (I know, shame on me), I can’t comment on her looks there. In real life Jenny Agutter doesn’t look like Anna Wintour though.

Besides this well styled character of Jenny, the movie also has great fashion moments, like the navy blue biker jacket worn by the character Steve Rogers (Captain America) and the chique suites worn by the S.H.I.L.E.L.D. men, having them look very slick. I love a man in a good suit.

Here is a look at the Anna Wintour look a like with the other well dressed S.H.I.E.L.D. members:


Steve Rogers in his navy blue biker jacket, loved it:

If you are a fan of the Marvel films, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a must see.


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