#WBD: Flormar Bohemian Dream Collection

Bohemian-Dream-Collection 2015

My first encounter with Flormar was during my last visit to Barcelona, Spain. As I was walking by this colourful make-up store, I couldn’t help stepping inside. Right then and there I fell in love with the brand and became a member right after I bought some cute colours of nail polish. Ever since then I’ve been getting these newsletters from them, which I don’t understand one single word from, since they’re in Spanish. So If I want to know what they say, I have to Google translate. But sometimes I do get a video!

This video of the new Flormar Bohemian Dream Collection 2015 was one of them. With the summer right around the corner, I would recommend you ladies to have a look and maybe try some of these make-up products out. Great to create your boho festival look for all the summer festivals coming up.

For sure I will try something out. Because a little over six weeks ago, I found out that Flormar is also in Amsterdam, Netherlands on the Kalverstraat. For more Flormar stores you can check Flormar store locator.

Bohemian-Dream-Collection 2015 model

Pictures of my Flormar store visit in Barcelona will follow asap.


XX Fashion Diva

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