Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn


It’s official. The summer of 2014 is over. Done, past and gone. It;s time to slowly store away our summer wardrobe, the flip-flops, bikini’s, sun hats and sunscreens (unless you’re going to a tropical Island, Lucky you) and search for those knits and boots again. As sad as I am that my favourite season is over, just as happy I am that it’s now fall :). There are two reasons for that. First of all it means my birthday is coming, which will be a very special one this year, see my special post about that. Second thing is fall is my favourite season when it comes to fashion.

Let me tell you why. While summer is great to play with bright colours, flash your legs in short items, and put together your most creative and fun festival outfits, fall allows you to layer clothes. And what is more exciting to a fashionista than having that kind of fun with her wardrobe. In the summer time you usually wear two to three pieces of clothes, sometimes even one and then accessorize the outfit, but when it’s autumn, a two piece outfit just isn’t gonna cut it. Picture this for example, you need pants, a shirt, a jacket/ blazer/ cardigan/ kimono, and a coat on top. It rarely happens that you wear two pieces on top, because you just gotta reach for that coat if you don’t want to catch a cold. Unless you have a thick jacket, like a denim or a biker jacket (or a thick skin). But I always catch myself wearing those three items on top. Mainly because I’m always cold, sometimes when no one else is, which maybe has to do with the fact that I’m a vegetarian and don’t always take enough iron (oops, bad Dietician, I know). But anyway, the point I’m trying to make here is the fun of layering.

Not even a month ago I thought I’d be very sad when summer is over, having to go back to those dark cold days, when the sun rises late and sets early, where a slight feeling of depression creeps up on you. Ugh! But then I stepped into the C&A, one of the biggest fashion stores in the Netherlands, searching for a black buttoned shirt that I had to wear as a volunteer to AFWA 2014 – can you imagine I never had a simple black shirt before – and saw the new fall arrivals. Oh yes, I almost forgot that fall fashion was so much fun. The cute jackets, faux fur vests, tartan print skirts, the knits… lets not forget the knits; how I love my knits. And most importantly the fabulous trench coats. Nothing completes your fashionable fall look like a trendy trench coat. Suddenly the idea of fall did not seem that depressing anymore (lets not even thing about winter) and a big smile appeared on my face. Let’s get ready for some layering. Layering and then accessorize with my favourite accessory: the scarf. That’s my weakness and my addiction. Who buys scarves every single chance she gets? Guilty! Just the weekend before last I added two new ones to my collection, which I will show you in another post and tell you more about the event I got it from.

Another reason I like autumn is that it represents the end of everything old and the start of something new. The old leafs are starting to fall off the trees, making way for the new ones, just as I, during this season, celebrate my birthday and get ready for new things and leave behind the old. Therefore there is no doubt I have some love for this season.

So glad I have something to pull me through these cold days: Fashion. Well, Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn!


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