30 days before 30 years

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You probably wouldn’t guess it but in 30 days I will be turning the big three 0. A few years ago I thought I would have a problem turning 30 but now that it is near I don’t mind at all. Bring it on, new era, new challenges, new lessons, new life. The same me but with a different mindset. While many people may not know what they want to do with their lives at this age and often still wonder when they are way over 30, I know exactly what I want in life and most importantly from myself.

What is your passion in life?

My mind is set on my fashion career and while at it helping people to achieve a better lifestyle and educate them on Nutrition. Fashion and Food may seem like two different things to you but they are closer to one another than you may think. Fashion and Lifestyle go hand in hand, and Food/ Nutrition is part of Lifestyle. Merge my two passions, of which one is also my profession, is my ideal career path and I’m working very hard on that every day. Today I would like to inspire you to do the same if you have a passion in life. What is your passion in life? What are you doing about it? What can you do about it? What should you do about it? Why are you not doing it yet? To me it is simple: if you are passionate about something no amount of work is too much. When you are doing something for yourself you know that in the long run you are the one who is going to benefit from it. But it takes time. It takes patience. It takes dedication. It takes focus. It takes believe. And the most beautiful thing about my passions in life is that I’m helping out other people as well. Ever since I could remember, helping people and inspire them is something I love to do. That’s the main reason I started out this site. Creating a platform for Fashion and Lifestyle, a happy, healthy lifestyle where there is room to talk about nutrition, hence the Food & Diet section.

Being happy means doing what I love not what I like.

This year I made a decision. Being happy! That means doing what I love, not doing what I like. Doing what I want, not doing what people expect me to do. When you’re reaching the age of thirty, you’re starting to think about life in a much different way. You’re analyzing things you’ve never gave much thought before, your eyes are starting to open up, you see things more clear, you see people for who they really are and you realize that you have to take life before it takes you.

Everything happens when it is supposed to.

Of course I have my own bucket list of things before turning thirty, which I made 9 months ago and called it 10 things to do before turning triple 10. But almost turning thirty actually made me realize that to meet your bucket list before thirty is just an ideal and in reality doesn’t always go as planned if you have to depend on other people to cross things of your list. That also takes me to the next point. You have to learn to adjust. In life things don’t always go as you planned. Ding ding ding! Yes, some people still need to be reminded of that. When you have done the best you could, the only thing left to do is accept and move on. The goals on my bucket list are still very much alive but I have adjusted them a little. Everything happens when it is supposed to happen. As long as I have my healthy I’m all good.

So what is it that you want do with your life? Think about it and start living the life you want to live. To all the ones born in 1984: Happy Thirty Flirty!


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4 thoughts on “30 days before 30 years

  1. I’m so glad you pointed me to your amazing post, dear Induella! Your spirit, determination, love and beauty positively SHINE! You are following your love and your passion, it lights us up doesn’t it?!

    This is so freaking groovy: “Being happy means doing what I love not what I like.” That’s fierce! I will definitely keep that one in mind.

    I look forward to reading more from you, my inspirational friend.

    Peace and light, always and always.



    1. Thank you so much Allison. Everybody should think that way about being happy, right. Let us make it a worldwide mantra.

      I’m looking forward to read some more of your inspiring posts too. So happy to have found someone who thinks the same as I do about inspiring other people.


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