Hooray for Italian Tuesday


At the beginning of this year I started a food tradition of my own, that every Tuesday I’d eat Italian food and call it Italian Tuesdays. This all started when I was in Suriname this january and ordered pasta with tomato sauce on a Tuesday at my favourite terrace in Paramaribo City, ‘t Vat. An absolute must-visit when you’re in Suriname. The next week I found myself eating pasta again at another restaurant in Paramaribo, only this time it was a creamy pasta. Wow, pasta again on a Tuesday, I thought. It’s becoming a pattern. right then and there the idea was born.

Once I was back in the Netherlands I continued to have Italian food almost every Tuesday, most of the time that is pasta. My favourite food in the world, you can wake me up for this at night, especially penne, which you can see on the photos here. There I was, thinking that I invented the Italian Tuesdays and one day shared a picture of my homemade pizza on Instagram, tagging it with #Italiantuesdays, only to find out that I wasn’t the only one who was having her Italian bites on Tuesdays. Just search for this tag on Instagram, that will give you 88 results and counting. Also on Twitter you will find something. Even though for a second there I thought I found my own little tradition, I’m happy  to see that there are more people out there doing the same. This proves that humans often think alike. Sure some of you know this food tradition already and maybe getting your Ital food on on Tuesdays as well. Am I right? Check out the pasta I ordered at ‘t Vat.

It all started with this dish:

3 't Vat 3

The photo of the pasta at the top of this post is the creamy pasta I ordered the second time.

Guess I’m gonna go and get my Italian dish ready for tonight. And guess what: pasta it is. Soon I will share some of my easy and quick pasta recipes with you.

Let’s hear it for Italian Tuesdays.


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