Double slit maxi and representing at Summer Carnaval in Rotterdam

Maxi Su (1)

Good evening from my cosy couch. While I’m on the topic of events these past days, I wanted to share the look I was sporting at another event this summer. Only this time we’re taking it to Rotterdam instead of Amsterdam. Just like you might have seen I’m spending quite a lot of time in Amsterdam, visiting events and festivals, but not so much in Rotterdam. Well what can I say. I Love Amsterdam! But once a year I clear my schedule till early in the evening for my favorite event of the summer. The Summer Carnaval. As a Caribbean/ South American girl, music, dancing, parades and good food is in my blood. Like every year you could find me in Rotterdam for the Summer Carnaval, which was exactly a month ago today.

For this event I choose to wear an outfit that suits the whole ambiance of carnaval. It had to be summer’ish, playful, and letting me to show some skin but not too much. By the way there would be enough skin to see, especially at the parade and all around downtown Rotterdam, as Caribbean people (they are well represented here) love doing that, most certainly during these events. My pick was my new favourite maxi skirt with a double slit and Aztec print. Because I wanted to represent I went for my I Love Su collection and selected the black tank top. A tank top with a maxi slit skirt is a great combination and to me it looks better than a t-shirt. In this case the black one looked perfect with the black and white skirt. Finished of the look with a pair of flats in stead of heeled sandals, because comfort was my main goal that day, sure you can imagine why. Added my favorite little bag and my look was complete. A simple easy and laid back look to enjoy the parade and dance around to the sweet Soca music. And no make up.

Maxi Su (2)

Maxi Su (3)

Maxi Su (4)

Maxi Su (5)

Maxi Su (6)

Maxi Su (7)



Maxi Su (11)

Maxi Su (12)

Maxi Su (13)

Maxi Su (14)

Maxi Su (15)

This year there weren’t as many groups as usual, but it was a nice parade nonetheless. In a next pose I will show you my favorite groups and the ones with the most fashionable outfits. So stay tuned for that.

My outfit

Double slit maxi skirt: H&M

Tank top: I Love Su (official brand)

Flat sandals: I Love Su (not the official brand)

Bag: Sweet


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