Getting ready for Bo Monde 6: The Fashion Edition

Bo Monde 6 The Fashion Edition

The Elite crowd of the urban scene can get ready for the 6th edition of Bo Monde, which will be all about Fashion! As pronounced on Facebook, Bo Monde dedicates this edition to all the “fashionistas”, “swaggers”, models, stylists, fashion designers and everyone who has a passion for everything that is beautiful, luxurious, unique and exclusive. On Saturday April 25, Bo Monde invites all the fashionistas to Dido Events in Amsterdam to take out their Gucci’s, Pradas, LV’s and Louboutins to come celebrate eternal youth. This Fashion Diva is there!!

As I am preparing myself for tomorrow by watching the video’s and reading the messages on the Bo Monde Facebook page, I am already putting my outfit together in my head. My shoes and my bling, I’ve got already. Now I just need to figure out the outfit, which will probably be a dress. As for the hair, I might put in some extension, who cares it’s Fashion!

This Bo Monde edition will again be about innovation in the urban scene and promises an experience that will not be forgotten. Well, I for one can’t wait!

Bo Monde was founded by L.X.D (L. Dominik) in 2013 for the Elite public of the urban scene in the Netherlands and also worldwide. Watch Dominik talk about his invention here.

For an impression of the 3rd edition that I went to last year, you can check out the special party plog.


XX Fashion Diva

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