My special outfit for the Grand opening of Forever 21

Yesterday I posted a picture of myself in the post “My special outfit” and told you that it was for a special day. This outfit I wore to the grand opening of the first Forever 21 in Amsterdam. As a fashion blogger I also went there to blog about the opening and I wanted to dress the part. I choose to wear my XX Fashion Diva t-shirt, one of my merchandise pieces, that I’d made especially for branding XX Fashion Diva. This way I wanted to send the message that I was there for my readers as well.


My outfit included my XX Fashion Diva t-shirt worn over my navy blue blouse, my black faux leather pants, black biker jacket and black sandals. Accessorized with a gold-colored necklace, gold-colored earrings, a pink leopard print scarf and dark shades (which I took off in the store of course):



After discovering the store and taking pictures, I took off my t-shirt in the fitting room, since my job was done:


While standing in line to pay for my clothes I came to the realisation that my earrings were gone (as you can see in the picture above, I didn’t notice it then) after taking of my t-shirt. Luckily for me they came off with the t-shirt and were actually in my bag.

My outfit

Blouse (no label)

Faux Leather Pants: River Island

Biker Jacket (no label)

Sandals: Topshop

Bag: Topshop

Scarf (no label)

Necklace: Opia

Earrings (no label)

Sunglasses (no label)


fashion diva mini logo

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