How to make it in Fashion: Fashion Buyer


The fashion industry is a tough one to break into. Having the right skills, experience, creativity, network and the passion are a few things necessary to make it into this world. Do you have a dream of making it into the fashion world as a fashion buyer traveling around the world, visiting runway shows, meeting designers and knowing all about the latest fashion trends and street styles? Here to give you the 411 on this career is Carmen Borgonovo. She is the Fashion Director at

Presenting you a Top 5 of tips and extra tips for a fashion buyer, in How to make it video’s on the YouTube channel of theiternbook, that will be helpful to start your career.

How to make it – Fashion Buyer Top 5

Watch some extra tips from Carmen. She also explains how you can get attention from fashion buyers as a designer.

How to make it – Fashion Buyer Extra tips


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