Spring Time! Minding my body

Workout Collage

Hooray! SPRING IS HERE! The long awaited season that will start the countdown to Summer. Well, now that the winter days are gone, it’s time to seriously start to work on that body again. Most of us have that resolution starting the new year, but after the first weeks we get back into routine and gone are all the things we were set to do.

Let’s all be honest, we all can work on that body a little better, I know I can. With this new Spring season I’m more motivated than ever, because it means that summer is just 3 months away. That’s why today I started with a serious workout routine that I’m gonna keep up these upcoming weeks to lose weight and get back in shape. That tummy gots to go! So have those arms and thighs. With that being said, I’m also watching my diet very seriously. My goal is to be happy and healthy (again).



My routine will consist of daily walking, but also pilates, aerobics and weight training, with a little help from my Zen TV channel and YouTube. The exact schedule is in the making. Next to that is a healthy diet plan, which of course I will make myself. The results you will surely see here on the blog. Hopefully I can be an inspiration for all guys out there who have wanted to start for a while. Like Nike says: Just do it!

Up here you see pictures of me last summer in my favourite workout outfit: Nike top & sneakers/ H&M sweatpants. When I work out, I like to do it in style. Together with good music.

With all that, the new “My Health” and “Health” categories on the blog are born!

Next up is a post with tips on how to mind your body.


XX Fashion Diva

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