How to mind your body: The 3 simple ways

Workout Collage 2

Here it is my dears. The post that I promised you earlier on Spring day when I wrote about my method to get back in shape. One of the post I’ve been really wanting to share with you guys and also a frequently asked one from people around me. For those of you who follow my instagram it is already clear that I’ve adopted a new active and healthy lifestyle, which I happily share with the world just to inspire and motivate anyone who wants to get started. Continue reading “How to mind your body: The 3 simple ways”

Interesting doc: Secrets of the Superbrands – Fashion

We all have a thing for brands. To some people brands mean more than to others. But where does this fascination comes from? In this documentary we see how Alex Riley, who thinks he’s immune to brands, finds out with the help of marketeers, brain scientists and exclusive access to the world of the superbrands why we buy them, trust them and even idolize them. Continue reading “Interesting doc: Secrets of the Superbrands – Fashion”