Styling the Vogue beanie

Vogue beanie look (1)

Today I am sharing my first outfit post of the year 2016 and it is March already. How time flies. Last week I shared a YouTube Video from Popsugar on my FB page on ways to wear a beanie. After that I also posted a beanie give away here on the blog, which linked to my FB page to enter, for my followers from the Netherlands. Those of you who follow me on Instagram have seen me rocking that Vogue beanie a few times now. In this outfit post I’ll show you how I styled the Vogue beanie the second time I put it on last week. Continue reading “Styling the Vogue beanie”

#WBD: How to get long lashes without falsies

It’s been a while since I shared a beauty post with a YouTube video on Wednesday, but here is one again. Even though I am a woman who is known for rocking her natural beauty in and outside the house, I do love to enhance my features with make up when I feel the need and in doing so mascara is one of my favorite products. As I was searching the net for mascara tricks for myself and you guys, there was one recently updated video from YouTuber Jasmine Rose (who has such a beautiful brown skin tone and amazing locks) with mascara tricks I really liked. Continue reading “#WBD: How to get long lashes without falsies”