Rocking I Love Su in Barcelona

I Love Su in Barcelona

As you could read in my previous posts, I took a little trip to Barcelona last month to celebrate my birthday. It was nothing too fancy and I spend the day with a small group. Since I’ve been celebrating my birthday for years in the autumn time here in the cold, I couldn’t let the opportunity of going to the beach in October pass me by. So that’s where we headed after a nice lunch, I was wearing my new Denim & Co dress and sunglasses. How amazing it was to have a sunny birthday after all these years. True to myself, I had Italian for dinner at a nice restaurant called Little Italy. Pictures of my birthday can be found on my Instagram.  

The next day was a nice and easy day as we walked through different parts in Barcelona to do some sightseeing. We visited Ciutadella Park (Parc de la Ciutadella), Arc de Triomphe, a side of the centre I’ve never been before and had some good tapas at a Spanish restaurant. On this day I was keeping it short as it was a full sun shiny day. You know I always represent my Su wherever I am, so I took out my new short orange skirt and combined it with my white I love Su tank top that I pimped a little on the back. Put my white crochet fringe vest on and finished the outfit with my new green handcrafted scarf I got at African Day festival. Giving the casual nature of this outfit, the scarf gave a fancy touch to it. Flat sandals and shades on. Let’s go Barcelona.












My outfit

Skirt: Atmosphere

Top: I Love Su

Vest: Atmosphere

Hand Crafted Scarf (no label)

Bag: Sweet

Flat Sandals: Grendha

Sunglasses: Toxic

Necklace: H&M


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