Happy 33rd Birthday Beyoncé

One of the most idolised singers in the world is celebrating today as we speak. The Queen B is Lucky to blow out 33 candles today as she celebrates her 33rd birthday. Wow! thirty plus and still looking as good as ever. Till today nobody has managed to get to the level of succes Beyoncé has for the past eleven years since she started her solo career. From her first album, which was brutally slammed by labels who didn’t think she had one hit single on it (luckily for her she proved them wrong), to an anthem that has hit the charts world wide and is now the ladies anthem of the century: Who run the world? Girls!

Sure this woman has made her marks so everyone will know she was here and I’ll bet she will make even more before her time comes. Not only does she has a great singing voice, tops chart after chart and sells out every concert she gives, she also has a great style, therefore she more than double deserves this special birthday post on XX Fashion Diva. Congratulations to Mrs. Carter Knowles and I wish her many more happy, succesful and loving years with her family. Also to all the fans I would like to say congratulations with your idol.

To celebrate this day I listened to a few Beyoncé albums in the car during my road trip that I will tell you more about soon. For now I would like to close of this Beyday with one of my favourite performances of this self-made Diva and a throwback video for the sake of Throwback Thursday.

Beyoncé – Run the world live at Billboard Awards 2011

How did it all start again?

Throwback Thursday video: Destiny’s Child ft. Wyclef Jean – No, no, no part 2

Happy Birthday Bey!


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