A walk in Ciutadella Park


In this post I like to share some great shots I took while in Ciutadella Park and some more shots of myself while walking in the park. Parc de Ciutadella, as it is called in Spanish, is one of the biggest and must visit parks of Barcelona and I had a great time during my visit. When walking in this park I totally lost track of time while taking all the beauty in me and shooting some great photos. Continue reading “A walk in Ciutadella Park”

Rocking I Love Su in Barcelona

I Love Su in Barcelona

As you could read in my previous posts, I took a little trip to Barcelona last month to celebrate my birthday. It was nothing too fancy and I spend the day with a small group. Since I’ve been celebrating my birthday for years in the autumn time here in the cold, I couldn’t let the opportunity of going to the beach in October pass me by. So that’s where we headed after a nice lunch, I was wearing my new Denim & Co dress and sunglasses. How amazing it was to have a sunny birthday after all these years. True to myself, I had Italian for dinner at a nice restaurant called Little Italy. Pictures of my birthday can be found on my Instagram.   Continue reading “Rocking I Love Su in Barcelona”