A walk in Ciutadella Park


In this post I like to share some great shots I took while in Ciutadella Park and some more shots of myself while walking in the park. Parc de Ciutadella, as it is called in Spanish, is one of the biggest and must visit parks of Barcelona and I had a great time during my visit. When walking in this park I totally lost track of time while taking all the beauty in me and shooting some great photos.

Presenting you my walk in Ciutadella Park. See how I laugh over something silly some ladies did to one of the statues in the park. Guess they didn’t appreciate the nudity while having their picnic. Enjoy the photos.

20141011_135722 20141011_140527 20141011_140604 20141011_140844 20141011_141040 20141011_142317 20141011_142437 20141011_143512(0) 20141011_143851 20141011_144025 20141011_144026 20141011_144030 20141011_144031 20141011_144037 20141011_144040(0) 20141011_144040 20141011_144117 20141011_144547 20141011_144705 20141011_145315 20141011_145532 20141011_145726 20141011_150054 20141011_150246

If you love parks, Parc de la Ciutadella is one you cannot skip when you’re in Barcelona. For my outfit details see this post.


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