Travel Diary: An afternoon in Lier, Belgium


Happy Sunday everybody. Hopefully you guys enjoyed your weekend, cause I did, and I’ll tell you about this weekend soon. Today I would like to introduce you to a new series that I’m starting on the blog, which is called Travel Diary. In these diaries I will share photos of the cities and places I went recently or in the past (to give you a little throwback) since I like to travel, and give you an idea of places you can go also, if you know these places already you might discover new things to do on a next visit. Depending on how much you like the series, I will do this more often. Kicking it off with a place in Belgium called Lier, which I visited last month with family, as we went on an organised bus trip.

My trip started in the subway to Amstelstation in Amsterdam, where we had to get on the bus. Watch what can happen when your mom makes you a cheese sandwich in a hurry. Yes, she forgot to remove the separation paper. Once arrived in Lier we had four hours to walk around, do some shopping and enjoy ourselves. We walked through the market place towards the shopping centre and made a first stop to grab a quick bite. You cannot visit Belgium without having a Belgian waffle and to me it had to be a Belgian Waffle with some chocolate sauce. After that it was store in and store out. There were a lot of sales going on, everywhere you looked there was the word Solden, which means Sales. Of course I got myself a few nice fashion items, that I will show you on my Instagram tomorrow. So make sure you check that out. We ended the afternoon by ordering some food at an Asian restaurant. My pick was a vegetarian noodles wok dish.

It was a little  chilly that day, so I wore my orange Ann Christine maxi dress and wrapped a matching new scarf around my shoulder to go with it. One that has my favorite print on it, which I got at a booth at the Keti Koti Festival. Even though it was chilly, I still wanted to add some summer to my outfit and went for my black I Love Su flat sandals, which you’ve seen me wear a few times now and wrote about in my Summer post. To spice things up I put on my gold bangles and a matchy matchy coloured one and added a few necklaces, of which a very colourful one for that extra pop. Since it was the day of the FIFA World Cup match Netherlands vs. Costa Rica, I wanted to get in the Orange Lions spirit, hence the choice of the dress. Funny thing was that Belgium was also playing that same day. Here are the photos.

20140705_075829 20140705_084419 20140705_124455 20140705_125436 20140705_125603 20140705_125639  20140705_12573520140705_125841 20140705_125917 20140705_130103 20140705_130325 20140705_135245 20140705_141805 20140705_141811 20140705_141816 20140705_141828 20140705_141856 20140705_141928 20140705_141945 20140705_152239 20140705_152634 20140705_153059 20140705_153117 20140705_161222 20140705_161511 20140705_161701 20140705_161859 20140705_161909 20140705_162004 20140705_162536 20140705_180830 20140705_180837 20140705_180900

Until the next diary.


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