Tips for packing effectively for your summer holiday

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This is a post I wanted to do for a long time, ever since I went to Jamaica last June. Because I had one suitcase and barely enough room in my carry on bag, I wanted to put all the space I had to good use. Past experiences thought me that I never wear all the clothing I take with me on holiday, sometimes not even all the shoes. The reason for this is because I just throw in clothing, shoes, and bags I think I might all wear during my holiday, but in the end I never do. And I know I am not the only one that had to deal with this issue.

We all know that if you pack your bags to the fullest with clothing, shoes, bags, beauty products and accessories, you cannot shop for new stuff to take home with you. Unless you leave some of the things you brought with you on your holiday behind to make room for the new stuff you got while shopping. In most cases you can’t do that, so that’s why I wanted to share my packing tips with you which can help you to pack effectively for your holiday. These tips will help you to pack the things you really need and leave the things behind that you don’t.

My personal packing tips:

  • Determine what places and which events you’re gonna be visiting during your holiday.
  • Make a selection of clothes for these occasions.
  • After selecting, try on clothing you haven’t worn in a while to see if they still fit well before packing them.
  • Put back the clothes that don’t fit well, and make your final selection.
  • Create outfits, so this is a done deal when actually on your vacation.
  • Try on the outfits to see if they work, if not make some changes, but only with the stuff you already selected.
  • Create your definite outfits and keep them outfit by outfit.
  • Pick out two pairs of basic shoes to go with your daily outfits, and at least one fancy pair of shoes for going out.
  • Choose one basic handbag to carry around on a daily basis, choose one fancy purse for going out.
  • Choose the accessories and make up that suits your outfits the best, especially important if you have a huge collection of both.
  • Start packing your suitcase by putting outfit by outfit in it, making a pile or piles for daily clothes and a pile or piles for going out clothes.
  • Put in your make up, accessories, and beauty products (deodorant, body lotion, night cream, hair products etc.), which are best stored in a make up bag, beautycase, and little plastic bottles made especially for travelling.
  • Put in your shoes, which are best to be put in plastic bags, to separate from your clean clothing.
  • Put in your handbags, either on top or in between the piles of clothes.
  • Weigh your suitcase to check if you’re good.
  • Extra tip: pack at least one outfit in your hand luggage in case of emergency, or Lord forbids your suitcase gets delayed.

These tips really helped my out for my holiday in Jamaica. Everyday I had an outfit ready, with the right shoes, bag and accessories, which was so time-saving and convenient. At the end of my trip I used almost everything, because I wore a certain outfit twice. So that is something to keep in mind too. If an outfit is great, and you’re gonna be away for a while, the chances are big that you’re going to wear that outfit twice. Furthermore you have to keep in mind that you can always switch outfit pieces to create a new outfit if necessary. Let’s hear it for no more overpacking ladies (and gentlemen).

Happy Summer Holiday!


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