Coming to Jamaica

Jamaican love

Today I am so happy to announce that I will be in Jamaica tomorrow for fashion business, as a part of Dy Muñeca the Caribbean Fashion Spot. We were invited to attend CFW 2014, the 14th edition of Caribbean Fashion Week, scheduled for June 11-16 in Kingston, Jamaica. So excited!!! Of all the islands I ever wanted to visit, Jamaica was always the first one I wanted to go to. Since I’ve never been on an island before, I call this faith!

At the moment I’ve done everything to confirm my flight, checked in online and printed out all of the necessary papers. Now all there is left for me to do is get ready for the trip itself. Last week I already got some necessities for this trip, and today I’m packing it all. My to do list for tonight:

  1. Make a selection of clothes, shoes, beauty and skin care products
  2. Put together outfits
  3. Pack my bags
  4. Do my hair
  5. Give myself a pedicure
  6. Do my nails

There will be no sleep for my tonight. Will do that during the first flight to Atlanta, Georgia – ATL. Really hope that I have the opportunity to get out of the airport to take at least a few pictures of Atlanta outside. Since I’ve also never been to the United States before, this would be so great! always wanted to set foot on LA ground first, but Atlanta is the best runner-up. Wow. ATL!!! Tyler Perry city haha, which has been refered to as Hotlanta. So yes, I would love to get a few snapshots out there. Then it’s quickly off to catch my second flight to Kingston, Jamaica. Still feels like a dream though.

After my to do list I will be like: Put up yuh hand because yuh ready fi di flight! (Shaggy voice).


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