Haul: My first big Primark purchase

First Primark purchase

Two weeks ago I found my renewed love for Primark and went for a little shopping at Primark Almere that weekend. Like I promised in my post “My renewed love for Primark” I would do a haul of the things I purchased. Today I finally took the pictures of everything I got the day I found my love for Primark again. In my firts haul I give you my first big Primark purchase.

Close ups of the things I got in my first big Primark purchase:



My quilted barrel bag. I saw it and fell in love with it right away:


Here she is again, my lovely quilted bag in my hand:


Finally got myself some pearls. Modern pearl necklace:


Very fashionable quilted biker jacket. Just love the color:


Stylish and sexy varnished pumps. They are kinda comfy.


When the pumps are killing your feet, stylish flats are the best replacement. Cute quilted ballerina’s:


Quilted fashion love:


Bright nail polish for this spring/ summer season:


For shiny lips. Lip balm in adorable tins:


Hot pink nail polish for a bold 3D effect this spring/ summer. And nail polish remover pads:


A shopping bag to replace the plastic bag in my bag:


A pack of cute tissues, always a necessity in your purse/bag:


After I left Primark that day, I felt so happy! And I’m gonna rock my quilted items together with my necklace and bold nail polish for sure.

Total damage:  EU 77

Seen anything you like? Make sure to visit Primark then. They really have nice clothing and accessories. Also check out their P.S Love..collections. Shoes aren’t the first things I would recommend to buy at Primark given my past experiences, see my previous posts about Primark. But these pumps felt comfortable for as far high heels can. I’ll get back to you after I’ve worn them out. I was also searching for the black and white wedges I showed in my previous post “My renewed love for Primark”, but sadly enough they weren’t available in my size anymore. They were a limited edition and seemed really comfortable, but I’ve waited too long. Better luck next time. All I can say about my first big Primark purchase: I love my new stuff! ❤


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  1. I love this post! I just did a review on the babylips Original and Dr Rescue line & also did a MUA lipstick review! It would mean alot if you could check it out or maybe follow me. You have a really lovely blog! xx Hatice


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