Flashback Friday: Barcelona 2011

Flashback Barcelona waterfall

Today I would like to give you a sneak peek at some personal photo’s of myself in a flashback from 2011 in Barcelona. See my favorite black shiny jacket that I’ve lost last year summertime, in a 4 star hotel in Amsterdam and never found back. The very next day that I left it in the restaurant by accident I called and it was gone. Shame! But luckily I will always have these pictures.

In club Sotavento: a little cold, so I kept my jacket on:

Flashback Barcelona club Sotavento 4

Shopping spree, but of course, in the city which started at H&M:

Flashback Barcelona H&M 1 Flashback Barcelona H&M 2 Flashback Barcelona H&M shopping

At the famous Park Guell, which you can also see in the movie Vicky Christina Barcelona:

Flashback Barcelona Park Guell 1 Flashback Barcelona Park Guell 2 Flashback Barcelona Park Guell 3

This was somewhere on a mountain (the picture above at the waterfall was also taken there) where there was this cute peacock like palm:

Flashback Barcelona peacock palm

Clubbing time in the club (forgot the name) on carnaval day in Barcelona. I will update post when I remember it:

Flashback Barcelona clubbing

Carnaval in Sitges, Catalonia:

Flashback Sitges carnaval 1Flashback Sitges carnaval 2

A walk near the beach before going to a last night of clubbing in Barcelona:

Flashback Barcelona beach 1 Flashback Barcelona beach 2

Clubbing at BLVD on my last evening that holiday, I really liked the fact that monday was reggae, dancehall and R&B night in the second area (in the main area was a mix of different music styles). Yes Barcelona is hip like that:

Flashback BLVD Barcelona 2 Flashback BLVD Barcelona

I love this coat. Glad I still have this one.

My style has changed a little since then; I don’t wear my jackets in the club anymore and I’ve exchanged my colorful ballerina’s for beige and black ones. I dress more mature nowadays and always keep it classy and chique (like you can see in my previous post “Black and Gold never gets old”). In the future I will give you a few looks at that.

Well that was it for my first flashback for now. Till the next one.


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