Plog: my much-needed pedicure

After two and a half months I finally got me a pedicure again. I know, that is a long time. Wearing high heels all the time can make your feet become hard underneath, and after all this time you can imagine the amount of callous I had on my heels too. Because I don’t have the right tools to remove all of this I decided to go to Coco Nails & Spa in Almere and get a pedicure there. In this plog I will show you the step by step action of my pedicure so that you can see that it is easy to do if you have the right tools at home. Or otherwise you can see what to expect when you go get a pedicure and gel nail polish after.


First the lady started of with removing the old nail polish. Than it was time to remove the toe cheese, clip the nails, and file them. After filing she also used a buffer to smoothen the nails. I didn’t get that picture because it was real quick.

IMG-20140410-03834 IMG-20140410-03835 IMG-20140410-03836 IMG-20140410-03837

After that it was time to remove the hard skin from underneath the feet and the heels with a callous shaver, followed by scrubbing with a hard sponge. Then she scrubbed and massaged my feet, rinsed them off with luke warm water, dried them and put some foot cream.

IMG-20140410-03839 IMG-20140410-03840 IMG-20140410-03842 IMG-20140410-03843 IMG-20140410-03844 IMG-20140410-03845 IMG-20140410-03846 IMG-20140410-03847

Now it’s time to take care off the nails. She polished the nails with a rotary pedicure nail polisher, put me in some cute orange flip-flops and send me to the rack of nail polish to pick a color. I went for hot pink.

IMG-20140410-03848 IMG-20140410-03849 IMG-20140410-03851

Because I choose gel nail polish this acquires a special dryer to dry the nail polish quick. First she started with a base coat on my left foot, put my foot under the dryer for a minute and did the same with my right foot. After that she applied the pink gel nail polish left, put my foot under the dryer for one minute, and did the same right. She applied two coats. After each coat of nail polish she put my foot under the dryer for one minute.

IMG-20140410-03852 IMG-20140410-03853 IMG-20140410-03854 IMG-20140410-03855IMG-20140410-03857 IMG-20140410-03858

I asked her if she could do some nail art, I believed she said she couldn’t (she doesn’t speak dutch very well). But I asked the supervisor and she said yes it is possible. So I asked for a white flower with a silver accent. Then she said something in chinese to explain what I wanted to the lady that was doing my feet. She got started with the flower and then applied some top coat. She finished it off by rubbing some oil at the bottom of my toenails.

IMG-20140410-03859 IMG-20140410-03860 IMG-20140410-03861 IMG-20140410-03862 IMG-20140410-03863

Well I guess I did understand her when she said she couldn’t do nail art, because I think that is what she literally meant. You can see that the flower left is in the corner and the other one is in the middle. She started with the one in the middle and then did the other one on my left toe in the corner. I didn’t say much about it and she kinda laughed it off. I thought I’ll let it go for this time, but the next time I want someone who can do it better. And bright side: I have a unique nail art.

Still I had to pay two euro’s extra for the two flowers. Now I wonder: do you think I should have said something about it or refused to pay the two euro’s extra for this? Asked to get it fixed first? Or should I’ve just paid one euro extra? What would you do if it was your pedicure?

Anyway, now you’ve seen how easy it is to do a pedicure. What do you think: DIY or go to the spa?

Next time I’m gonna DIM (Do It Myself).


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  1. Hello there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after going through a few of the articles I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyhow, I’m definitely pleased I discovered it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back regularly!


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