Fashion and Beauty at Huishoudbeurs 2014


The Huishoudbeurs in Amsterdam is over. This annual fair in Amsterdam is the place to be for all things trending for your household. It attracts mainly female visitors but is also visited by men who attend the fair with their wives or girlfriends. As  you could read in my previous post “Fashion Truck Dutch style at Huishoudbeurs 2014” I went to the Huishoudbeurs this year in February. Like the fashionista I am I focused on the Fashion areas and went to see who is present at the fair and what is trending this year. This with my camera ofcourse.

I took some pictures of fashion and beauty boots that were present in the Festival Fantastique area, the Fashion & Beauty area, and the Fashion: Shop till you drop area. Here they are:

Festival Fantastique:


Fashion and Beauty:


Fashion: Shop till you drop:

I don’t have a lot of pictures of Shop till you drop because it was almost closing time. But this is an Idea of what you can expect in this area.

Like to learn more about the Huishoudbeurs and everything there was to do this year or thinking of visiting this fair yourself, vist the website of Huishoudbeurs. Next year the Huishoudbeurs will be from February 21 – March 1, 2015. I’ll be there again. Maybe we will meet.


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