I am the Queen of Dresses

In my first post I wanted to write about something I love with a capital L. Dresses! My favorite piece of clothing, because it’s one piece, fancy, feminine, pretty and easy. I have a closet filled with dresses, so many that I even have an extra clothing rack which is half full with dresses. My favorite color is black because you gotta have those LBD’s. Just call me “The Queen of Dresses.”


“Dresses are meant to make a woman feel beautiful and feminine”

The reason why I love dresses so much is because they look good on me. With my figure, clothing like jeans and other pants don’t fit me as well as dresses do. I have an hour glass, Coca Cola bottle shape with a deep lower back which sometimes makes it difficult to find perfect fitted jeans. But dresses are a perfect fit! I can pretty much have all kinds of dresses, except for the ones with a deep V neck because of my breast size.

Here is a look at me a few years ago in my favorite Jane Norman dresses at the time:

Dresses Jane Norman
Taking pictures in the fitting room during fitting is a good way to see how the dress looks on you.

With dresses you have to be careful about your choice, because you want to look classy and not trashy. It can be that a dress looks classy on the hanger, but when you put it on it may occur cheap on you. On the other hand it might look like a trashy dress on the hanger but with your body type you can bring it like no one else! Just make sure that it’s not too tight or too short. Showing a little cleavage is alright but don’t make it look like your breasts are about to pop out any second. That is just not hot. Dresses are meant to make a woman feel beautiful and feminine. Switch up your style by wearing a dress every ones in a while. You will love it.


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