Style the peplum LBD with Dailylook

When it comes to dresses, the little black dress is hands down my favourite one of them all. As you could read in this post I love dresses and that’s why I own a lot of them. Since the LBD is my favourite, I believe I have more than ten pieces hanging in my closet. Every woman needs a LBD. It is my believe that a woman  should own at least three little black dresses. It is the perfect dress to make a woman look sexy, classy, chic and slim. For this reason I was pleasantly surprised when Dailylook asked me to be part of their LBD Dream Date Style Challenge.

To style a perfect LBD date look, I picked out one of their little black dresses. They have a great LBD Collection with affordable dresses for every woman to choose from. After going through the collection, I fell for this gorgeous strapless peplum dress with a very sexy but classy cut. This dress screams me! Such a dress allows me to bring out my curves. A peplum dress is a good choice to show off your hour-glass figure and accentuate your waist and hips. If you don’t have that much hip, it will also be a nice way to add something to what you’ve got. Either way you can’t go wrong with a peplum.

My favourite way to style my LBD is to combine it with gold, because black and gold never gets old, but it is also nice to add some colour to your LBD every now and then. With this thought in mind, I decided to give two looks on how to style the peplum LBD. To create the looks, I used the Dailylook Style Sets.


Just like the dress, I kept the styling classy and opted for clutches. For the black and gold look I would go for a more edgy look with high heeled sandals and a black and gold cuff, whereas for the black and colour, I would choose to be more chic and wear pumps and a bracelet with cut outs. For both looks I would wear the V choker, because it pairs well with the dress and reminds me of a heart (LOVE!).

These looks would be suitable for a cocktail party, fancy dinner, reception or a night out. No matter which look you would choose, a perfect date night outfit is guaranteed. Let’s hope it will also be a perfect date.

After the peplum, I created another look with a crochet LBD. Check out both of my Style Sets.

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