Fashion Truck Dutch style at Huishoudbeurs 2014


Real fashionistas already know about the concept of a Fashion Truck. Like the name already may suggest it is a truck from which fashion items are sold. This concept is specifically known in the United States, started in the Streets of New York City, but is now making it’s way to the Netherlands as the new shopping trend.

My first encounter with The Fashion Truck in the Netherlands was at the annual fair in Amsterdam called Huishoudbeurs. This literally means Household fair and is the biggest fair of the year where mostly things for the household are sold. For all the moms, housewives, fashionistas, shopping freaks, beauty queens, wannabe models, creative souls, home makers, food lovers and even the men the Huishoudbeurs is the place to be. As I went to this fair in February this year my focus was on the Food and Fashion areas. In the very festive area called Festival Fantastique I saw this beautiful pink truck parked on the right corner and clothes hanging on racks all around it. It was The Fashion Truck. Curiously I made my way to the truck and started looking around, asking questions and taking pictures. The owner of The Fashion Truck was telling me about where to find her in the Netherlands and that she is from the city Apeldoorn, where she stands with her truck most of the time.

Some pictures I took of The Fashion Truck at the Huishoudbeurs:

The Fashion Truck offers you the latest fashion from clothing to accessories and has a fitting room inside. This truck is present at markets, market fairs, events, fairs, campings, festivals. You can even host a real Fashion Truck party and have The Fashion Truck come at your party location. Main rules are that you have a minimum of 10 guests, the party is on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday evening, or Saturday afternoon, and that you live no further than 50 km away from Apeldoorn (longer distance can be discussed). For more information about The Fashion Truck in the Netherlands check out the website fashiontruck.

And of course after my mini photo shoot I bought myself a little something. This pretty animal printed scarf which I fell in love with right away. It is the brown/beige leopard scarf next to the yellow one on the last picture. Very happy with this new addition to my scarf collection. Thank you Huishoudbeurs and thank you The Fashion Truck.


fashion diva mini logo

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