Blogiversary 2: XX Fashion Diva two year anniversary

Fashion is

Yesterday was exactly two years ago since the first blog post was up on XX Fashion Diva. As I didn’t took a minute to address that yesterday, I’m celebrating that fact today. Happy Birthday to my blog! It’s my second “Blogiversary”!

It’s been two years since I’ve decided to share my passion with the world from fashion to entertainment and everything in between, and I’m so lucky that I still get to do what I love, which is inspiring all of you. Like you dedicated followers know, these past two years had their ups and downs and for a period there I didn’t blog as much as I would’ve wanted, but I got back into the game this year and I’m more exited then ever! Thank you to all my readers, visitors and loyal followers for another year.

Still to come these upcoming weeks are posts about the many trips I’ve made the past year and a half to Barcelona (Fall 2014), Paris, Paramaribo (Summer 2015), London (Fall 2015) and Barcelona again (January 2016). Starting with Paris! Also from now on you guys are going to see more outfits and more of my own beauty posts in the near future, along with food & diet posts that I’m going to share at least twice a month. In the last three years I’ve gained weight (OMG, I have a tummy!) that I’m trying to lose now as quickly as possible, but in a healthy way. Food & diet posts will be about my own (healthy) nutrition and tips for yours. Furthermore I’m gonna catch up on events I’ve been to in the past year, including the Caribbean fashion show at FashionWeek Amsterdam, and will continue to report on future ones.

So sit back, relax and get ready for more, because XX Fashion Diva is not going anywhere anytime soon. Here to stay!


XX Fashion Diva  

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