Un Parisien pour une Journée


In this post I like to share the outfit I wore on day three during my Paris adventure last year during the Summer. While I was playing the stripes game on day 1, I felt like going all the way on the third day. Unleashing my inner Parisian for the whole day, I choose to go all stripes and dots during daytime.

Combining stripes and dots is something that’s been done in the French fashion for years and I think these two prints go perfect together. The most sophisticated way to do this is of course in black and white. There is just a certain class that comes with this combo. So my black and white stripes dress with my dotted scarf tied around my neck it was. To complete the outfit in style, I put on a black blazer with golden buttons. Once again for comfort, I went for the flat sandals. To give the total look a pop of colour, I choose to wear my hot pink Guess shoulder/ crossbody bag.  You can’t go wrong with black, white and pink. Shades on. What do you think?

My outfit

Coolcat Dress

LIV Blazer

Scarf (vintage)

Topshop Flat Sandals

Guess Shoulder Bag

Sunglasses from market















During night time, I wore another outfit in Paris style. This look will be in the next post.


XX Fashion Diva

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