Travel Diary: Highlights of Paris Day 2 sightseeing


In this Travel Diary I am taking you guys with me on Day 2 of my Paris trip of last year. On this second day I was all by myself and decided to do some sightseeing. After getting ready and making my hostel bed, I took the metro from my starting point Gare de Lyon to Bastille.

Arrived at Bastille, I wondered around the market, walked around the streets a little and had a sandwich at a Subway in the neighborhood. Luckily for me, I could charge my phone there, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to take all these photos the rest of the day and share with you. When I was done in Bastille, I went to the Place de Vosges park again, where I just chilled on a bench for a while and fed some doves, before making my way to the Notre-Dame church.

La Tour Eiffel! You haven’t really been to Paris until you visit this baby

On my way to the Notre-Dame, I shot some pictures of the city in all its Parisian glory. After admiring the enormous historical church and doing a mini outfit shoot, I also visited the beautiful garden in the back, which led me to a love lock bridge. Of course I had to check out this phenomenon and take pictures of it. Then it was time to head to the mother of all attractions: la Tour Eiffel! You haven’t really been to Paris until you visit this baby. Like I said in my Solo to Paris post, I walked all the way from the Notre-Dame to the Eiffel Tower and what a long walk that was. While strolling alongside the Seine River, I came across beautiful art pieces and souvenirs, sold by sales people from their little sales booth by the river, and I couldn’t help but getting me a lil’ something. To remind me of the walk from Notre-Dame to the Eiffel Tower, I got myself a placemat with a drawing of each of these buildings on one side. How cool was that! Just walking and taking everything in made me feel so Alive. How I love this city! There is a reason why people say Paris Je t’aime.

When I finally reached my destination, it was time to take some snapshots (selfies!) and then treat myself to a nice big cheesy pizza at a place near by the river, followed by a Crêpe for dessert. With some food in my stomach, I ended my second day at The Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Aaah Memories!

With even more pictures then Day 1, I hope you enjoy scrolling through the Travel Diary of Day 2.



20150816_114937 20150816_115230 20150816_115423


20150816_121258 20150816_121403 20150816_121558 20150816_133128 20150816_133154 20150816_133210 20150816_133244 20150816_140327 20150816_140348 20150816_140604 20150816_140631 20150816_140700




20150816_141416 20150816_141440 20150816_141443 20150816_141605 20150816_143550


During the summer time there is this thing called Paris Plages, where there are beach themed activities around the city. Personally I didn’t visit these activities, but I wanted to take a picture of a so called beach side and share it with you. In case you’re in Paris during summer, you may come across this:

20150816_181358 20150816_181803 20150816_181950 20150816_182003 20150816_182018 20150816_182247 20150816_182313 20150816_182335 20150816_182933 20150816_183033 20150816_183047 20150816_183132







20150816_184754 20150816_184947 20150816_185041




20150816_185424 20150816_185517 20150816_185645 20150816_185706 20150816_185815 20150816_185856 20150816_185925 20150816_185939 20150816_190109





img-20150816-wa0014img-20150816-wa0016img-20150816-wa0018 img-20150816-wa0020

Check out the placemat, that I got myself as a souvenir, on the table. Maybe a next time I will show it to you from the other side, but on these photos I only have the Eiffel Tower side showing, giving the fact that it was my view during my dinner:

img-20150816-wa0022 img-20150816-wa0024









20150817_001915 20150817_001945 20150817_002102 20150817_002821


20150817_002848 20150817_002900

After a long but satisfied solo sightseeing day, which lasted until after midnight, I sure slept like a baby that night.

Have you ever wondered the streets of Paris on your own? Comment below.

Stay tuned for the Travel Diary of Paris Day 3.


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