Un Parisien pour une Soirée


Today I am sharing the evening look of my third day in Paris last year summer. During the day I went for stripes and dots in the colors black and white, because I wanted to keep it sophisticated. For the evening I wanted to continue this theme of sophistication, this time in my favorite color blue. 

Still unveiling my inner Parisian, this was a look I put together for an evening at the Eiffel Tower. Giving that the evening is always a little chilly, I choose to wear my long-sleeved maxi dress with a split on the side, and added a black belt to give myself a nice slim waistline. For warmth I went for one of my favorite cardigans, which was a great match with the maxi dress. As a finishing touch to the outfit and to break off that blue, I tied a white scarf around my neck in a bo style, to get that chic sophisticated look I was going for. Because a maxi dress in the evening calls for high shoes, I stepped into my denim wedges, which provided me both height and comfort at the same time. Finished the total look by adding a statement clutch that didn’t even clash with the print of the cardigan. Winning! Eiffel Tower, here I come.

My outfit

SSK Mode Maxi Dress

Wonder Woman Belt

Atmosphere Cardigan

Scarf (no label)

Wrangler Wedges

Atmosphere Clutch












XX Fashion Diva

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