Flashback report: First Flormar Professional Make-Up store in Paramaribo


Many of you who follow my blog may know that I was in Suriname last year in August/ September. While walking in the city of Paramaribo one day, I got a message from a friend there who told me that there was a grand opening of Flormar in downtown Paramaribo. What? Flormar in Paramaribo? Got to see that. So, I took a taxi with the ladies I was with that day and went to check it out. Today I finally got around to share this with you.

The first time I came across Flormar Cosmetics was in Barcelona in the fall of 2014. Immediately I fell in love with this cosmetic store/brand that is originally founded in Milan, Italy. Right there on the spot I signed up for their newsletter, which I still get in my mailbox every month (even though I don’t read Spanish) and check out. To know that there was now a store in Paramaribo totally made my day back then. While visiting this grand opening of Flormar in Paramaribo on 4 September 2015, I had a little chat with the general and marketing manager and made them know how happy I was with the opening of the store, which was brought by them, officially from Da Vinci Group so I’ve learned. Da Vinci Group is a young and dynamic organization operating in the retail industry in Suriname. Because it was a busy day for me, I told them I’d come back to take some photos for a blog post. Of course I had to share this news on the blog with you guys.

These photos were eventually taken on the day of my departure back to the Netherlands due to my busy schedule in Suriname, but I had to do this even if it was literally the last thing I would do during my visit. If you didn’t know Flormar yet, allow me to introduce it to you.

Presenting the first Flormar store in Paramaribo, Suriname.


Starting with the number one product Flormar is famous for, nail polish:






Moving on to make-up:



Personal care section:



Face make-up section:



Admiring some of their gorgeous nail polish:



A bronzing powder I need to try out soon:



Hand cream or body lotion? Try me! Flormar has it:




A quick shot of the store taken from the back:


Check out the wide range of lipsticks:





One last look at the face make-up display:



Posing with the lady who made this post possible:



Ending with a big smile and a gift sponsored by Flormar Suriname:


From now on whenever I’m in Suriname, I know I can get Flormar products, which is now one of my favourite cosmetic brands, in Paramaribo too. So can you. Thank you Flormar Suriname for having me! Special thanks to Da Vinci Group for bringing Flormar to Suriname.


Outfit/ look details: XX Fashion Diva promo t-shirt/ Finella skirt/ Faux leather belt (no label)/ Cherry Koko sheer cardigan/ Eve+Adam slippers/ Guess bag/ H&M stud earrings/ Vintage pimped hat/ Toxic sunglasses


XX Fashion Diva

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