#WBD: Getting the L’Oréal steampod treatment


Lately you guys have seen my rocking it straight on my instagram and here on the blog. You know what I’m talking about. About two and a half weeks ago I felt like changing up my hairdo for the last winter weeks, so I decided to trade in my natural curls for straight hair. Keeping my curls in place is a task that takes time and I didn’t feel like doing that these days. It was time for something easier that involves less time styling my hair. Straightening it.

Because I didn’t feel like straightening my hair myself after washing it, I decided to go to the new local hair salon Topchic Hairstyling my mom recently discovered and got her hair done with great result. After a quick phone call it was okay for me to come over that same day. At first I wanted the hairdresser to just straighten my hair with a normal flat iron, but she advised me to get the L’Oréal steampod treatment with Mizani products instead, because it would keep my hair looking straight and soft for the next two weeks. After talking to my mom, who was very adamant for me to do it, because it was the same treatment she had and she was happy with it, I decided to give it a go.

Here is a step by step photo recap of my L’Oréal steampod treatment.

Getting in the L’Oréal steampod smoothing cream and going under the dryer:




Rinsing out the cream:




The drying process with a blow dryer and comb attached:





Using the Mizani Thermasmooth Smooth Guard before blow-drying with a brush:




Time to use that steampod straightening and smoothing system with some Mizani Thermasmooth Shine Extend:





The result with some major split ends:



A quick cut of the split ends and the result:








The products we used (except for the shampoo & conditioner, because I already washed my hair at home):


Styling my hair afterwards:







My personal experience in the first two weeks

The L’Oréal steampod treatment is great for getting soft straight hair really quick. For more fullness and length I put in some straight extensions the next day. While doing this I also used my Carmen flat iron to integrate the extensions with my own hair, even thought overall my hair still looked straight and felt soft. But to be honest my hair did not stay straight for two weeks like I was told, and I did not expect this because I know my hair. Two days after the treatment I had to straighten the front again with my own Carmen flat iron, because it was getting a little thick. Let’s not forget that the hairstylist did not use the Mizani shampoo and conditioner on my hair. The first few days I slept with a silk scarf on for a longer result, but every time I woke up, the scarf was on my pillow, so I stopped tying my head and just went to sleep with a ponytail. But I do use a shower cap while showering, so the hair in between the extensions stayed pretty straight. It is the front part that is a real pain. My hair is so curly that it is real tough to keep straight, the slightest fog or drop makes the curls come right back. Annoying!! In my case I have to straighten the front part everyday. After the first week I took my time to straighten everything again with my own flat iron. My hair did stay soft for two weeks though.

If you don’t have stubborn curly hair

If you keep your hair dry and wear a shower cap while showering after getting a L’Oréal steampod treatment in general, I’m sure you wouldn’t have a problem to keep it straight for at least 3 days without straightening in between, with or without sleeping with a silk scarf or on a silk pillowcase. The L’Oréal steampod straightening and smoothing system is something I do recommend trying out at a salon and see how it works for you. Learn more about the steampod here.

Maybe the next time I get this treatment, I won’t be putting extensions in between, so I can really see what my hair would be like for a week. Keeping in mind that I did not get the treatment with the Mizani shampoo and conditioner, I will also make sure to do that for a better review of the original treatment provided by Topchic Hairstyling.


XX Fashion Diva

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