House party chic

Houseparty collage

Hey guys, it’s time for a fashionable flashback on this Friday. The look I’m showing you today was put together for a house party in the Spring of last year. It was a 30th birthday bash with a buffet, an in-house bar and a dj, so I felt like dressing up for this occasion but keeping it simple at the same time.

Nothing say dressed up more than the colour black. The gold detail on the dress and the pretty gold buttons on the tweed jacket made it easy for my to keep it simple with the accessories. Just a gold necklace and stud earrings were enough to make my statement. With a pair of black strappy sandals my chic look was complete.

My outfit

Jane Norman Midi Dress

Twin Two Tweed Jacket

Le Scarpe High Strappy Sandals

Opia Necklace

H&M Stud Earrings


Houseparty 1

Houseparty 2

Houseparty 3

Houseparty 4

Houseparty 5


XX Fashion Diva

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