MBFWA F/W 2015: Attending Aziz Bekkaoui


Here I am again with another MBFWA post and this time it’s a report of the first catwalk show I visited at the Fashion Week: Aziz Bekkaoui. As it was my first time at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam, I really enjoyed watching all the people who came all dressed up at the event. From your regular fashionista till famous Dutch personalities. It was a show where visitors of every role in the fashion industry were present. Interested fashion buyers, stylists, fashion magazine editors, fashion bloggers, fashion journalists, photographers and even tv station E! Entertainment was present to film a special ‘E! Live From The Red Carpet’. 

The show scheduled at 6 pm but didn’t start for at least another hour after that. In the mean time I was taking pictures of the scenery, shooting my outfit and taking selfies of course. It was a short but interesting fashion show. This collection of Aziz is called United Hearts Now and is mostly black and white with flashes of green, blue and red. Guess you can call it urban mixed with edgy and eclectic. Although this is not typically my style, I did see some nice pieces of clothing that I would wanna wear. My favorite piece was black and white scarf with a collar on it, on a green outfit. Very classy and casual at the same time. Loved it ! Unfortunately the pictures I took during the fashion show didn’t came out very well, because I shot them with my Phone and the models were walking kinda fast for me to be able to capture a really great shot.

Here are the best ones out of the bunch. Besides the catwalk photos there are also photos of the event scenery and of some really cool Mercedes Benz vehicles. Enjoy!

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Watch the entire show of Aziz Bekkaoui his collection ‘United Hearts Now’ here:


Next catwalk show report will be on the show of Tony Cohen. Stick around!


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