MBFWA Outfit Day 2: Snow-White and Navy Blue

Outfit Day 2 collage

For day two of MBFWA I wanted to wear something much more different from day 1 and went with a complete opposite look. This day I wanted to keep it sweet and girly and choose to wear a dress instead of pants. As I was also visiting the Zalando 10 Days Downtown Event called ‘Fashion & Ballet’ at the Koepelkerk, Renaissance Hotel, I picked out a dress that to me matched the feeling of ballet. Since it had snowed that day, I also kinda wanted to blend in with the white color on the streets. So I ended up wearing my snow-white flared skirt dress.

Now that the white dress was picked, I needed to spice it up. Well being winter and all you can’t just walk out with your bare legs, that’s why I added tights to the outfit. But not just any tights. Navy blue tights! The black and white is a nice and chic combination and one can never go wrong with that, but I am also a big fan of the navy blue and white color scheme. Hence the navy blue pantyhose and to complete the look I added my navy blue short jacket. To give a little more umph to the dress I belted it up with a waist belt. Sadly I don’t have a navy blue belt yet, so I opted for black. Because the jacket and the tights already made the white and navy blue combination clear, a black belt wasn’t that bad to add. Besides that, I also went for my designer clutch which also includes some navy blue. To complete the look with the black belt, I wore my favorite black heeled boots. Short girls need their heels, right. As for a scarf, I picked a grey leopard print. MBFWA look 2 was created.

MBFWA Look Two (2)

MBFWA Look Two (3)

MBFWA Look Two (4)

MBFWA Look Two (6)

MBFWA Look Two (7)

MBFWA Look Two (8)

MBFWA Look Two (9)

MBFWA Look Two (10)

MBFWA Look Two (14)

MBFWA Look Two (16)

My outfit

Dress: Jane Norman

Tights: V&D

Jacket: Superstar

Belt: Wonder Woman

Boots: Graceland

Clutch: Vèvè Collections by Phelicia Dell

Scarf (no label)

Lipstick: NYC New York Color 022 Fulton St Fuchsia


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