The winners of #xxfashiondivacontest1 are…

A little later than I planned, but we have ourselves some winners of the first XX Fashion Diva giveaway. Here we go: The Facebook winner is ‘Randi An William’. The Instagram winner is ‘Jennychilo’. The bonus Blog winner is ‘Biancarogoveanu’. All these winners were picked after checking on that platform if they followed XX Fashion Diva and liked the giveaway post, explained on that platform (or … Continue reading The winners of #xxfashiondivacontest1 are…

Saturday Slow Jam: Everything about you

The slow jams of November were all about love songs for that special woman. Started the month with one of my favourite artists and ending it with my absolute favourite one when it comes to slow jams. How I remember the times when I used to listen to this song almost everyday. There is no video of this song, but there is no need, because it’s all about … Continue reading Saturday Slow Jam: Everything about you

Happy Independence Day Suriname

Srefidensi_SurinameHiep Hiep Hooray!!! Today Suriname and Surinamese people celebrates the 39th Independence Day. On November 25, 1975 there was the day that we were no longer in the hands of the Netherlands, the Dutch people, and paved our own way as an independent country in South America. It is no secret that I was born and raised in Paramaribo, Suriname. Just like the Americans are patriotic about their USA, I am a patriot for my beloved Suriname, as you may noticed in my many outfits posts wearing my I love SU shirts no matter where I go, because I believe you must always be proud of where you come from. Continue reading “Happy Independence Day Suriname”

Monday Inspiration: You were born to succeed

This week I have a video for you that teaches us something we basically already know if we stop and really think about our own life. Because our future is in our hands. We simply have two choices when it comes to our future. No matter what you may going through or how you look at life, always remember that you were born to succeed. … Continue reading Monday Inspiration: You were born to succeed

A walk in Ciutadella Park


In this post I like to share some great shots I took while in Ciutadella Park and some more shots of myself while walking in the park. Parc de Ciutadella, as it is called in Spanish, is one of the biggest and must visit parks of Barcelona and I had a great time during my visit. When walking in this park I totally lost track of time while taking all the beauty in me and shooting some great photos. Continue reading “A walk in Ciutadella Park”

Rocking I Love Su in Barcelona

I Love Su in Barcelona

As you could read in my previous posts, I took a little trip to Barcelona last month to celebrate my birthday. It was nothing too fancy and I spend the day with a small group. Since I’ve been celebrating my birthday for years in the autumn time here in the cold, I couldn’t let the opportunity of going to the beach in October pass me by. So that’s where we headed after a nice lunch, I was wearing my new Denim & Co dress and sunglasses. How amazing it was to have a sunny birthday after all these years. True to myself, I had Italian for dinner at a nice restaurant called Little Italy. Pictures of my birthday can be found on my Instagram.   Continue reading “Rocking I Love Su in Barcelona”

Saturday Slow Jam: Put that woman first

Since I started this month with slow jams about love songs dedicated to that special woman, we’re going further down this road. Besides honesty and trust, the most important thing in a relationship for us women is attention. We love it, we need it and we have to feel like we come first, especially after we get that love declaration. Jaheim knows that this is true and tells you all about … Continue reading Saturday Slow Jam: Put that woman first

Throwback Thursday: My army three-piece swimsuit

Before I share all  the posts about Barcelona and my birthday last month, I wanted to give you a throw back to six years ago in the summer time. It was the weekend of the annual reggae summer festival Reggae Sundance in Eersel, Netherlands. For that weekend I was staying with a small group at 4 star hotel NH Geldrop, not far from the festival. They have a wonderful pool and jacuzzi at this hotel and of course I had to take me a little dip in both. Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: My army three-piece swimsuit”

Monday Inspiration: Let go of it all

Two weeks ago on Sunday I went to church after a long time to get me some blessing, pray for my loved ones and myself and listen to the word of the Lord. Through goodness and bad my faith is what always gets me through. It was a good thing I went as I felt energised and motivated after listening to the preach of that day. A lot of us keep hanging on the old feelings, grudges, living in the past. This blocks the ability of positive energy to come trough to us and the holy spirit to do its work. Continue reading “Monday Inspiration: Let go of it all”

Another Barcelona Trip


Just 4 weeks ago I was in Barcelona to celebrate my 30th birthday and do the first Caribbean fashion show for Dy Muñeca The Caribbean Fashion Spot. Now I’m back after 3 weeks, this time it was for the celebration of my sister’s birthday which was this past Friday. We went to Ibiza for her birthday and had us a sunny good ol’ time. The past weeks there wasn’t so much going on here on XX Fashion Diva as I had other things going on and took a little step back. But after this trip that is about to change. As you can see I still did my weekly posts on Monday and Saturday.   Continue reading “Another Barcelona Trip”

Stylish Tamar Braxton in her new video Let me Know

Miss Tamar Braxton has a new video for us to enjoy. The stylish R&B singer with her golden voice is shining in her new music video of the song Let Me Know featuring Future. She looks great as always and her voice is like wow. Speaking of gold, her outfits are gold and sparkly, fit for a diva. Really digging her looks in the video. Enjoy!   Continue reading Stylish Tamar Braxton in her new video Let me Know

Monday Inspiration: Change is good

Some people can’t deal with changes in their life, work or even theirselves. Even though it might be scary because most of the time you don’t know what to expect from the new situations, remember that things happen for a reason and that in time you will adjust to the new. Follow my personal message to you for this week. Message of the week: Change is … Continue reading Monday Inspiration: Change is good