Monday Inspiration: Let go of it all

Two weeks ago on Sunday I went to church after a long time to get me some blessing, pray for my loved ones and myself and listen to the word of the Lord. Through goodness and bad my faith is what always gets me through. It was a good thing I went as I felt energised and motivated after listening to the preach of that day. A lot of us keep hanging on the old feelings, grudges, living in the past. This blocks the ability of positive energy to come trough to us and the holy spirit to do its work.

The message of that day was let it all go, forgive those who did you wrong, not only for them but for yourself. By holding on to old stuff you are blocking yourself to go on, compromising your own luck and finding yourself not getting any steps closer to what you want. Now I’m not here to preach to you about faith, but I think we all can agree that positivity attracts positivity and that can only lead to good things. So in conclusion..

Message of the week:

Let go of it all to let the positive energy come trough. 


Have an amazing week full of blessings!


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