Another Barcelona Trip


Just 4 weeks ago I was in Barcelona to celebrate my 30th birthday and do the first Caribbean fashion show for Dy Muñeca The Caribbean Fashion Spot. Now I’m back after 3 weeks, this time it was for the celebration of my sister’s birthday which was this past Friday. We went to Ibiza for her birthday and had us a sunny good ol’ time. The past weeks there wasn’t so much going on here on XX Fashion Diva as I had other things going on and took a little step back. But after this trip that is about to change. As you can see I still did my weekly posts on Monday and Saturday.  

The good news is that during those easy weeks on XX Fashion Diva, I was doing research for new articles on the blog. And with this second trip to Barcelona I will have even more to share about the city, like I promised I would do after my first trip. Just figured that I would do all the posts after this trip since I knew I was gonna be here for another few days and have the opportunity to explore some more and take more pictures. This time I will have something to share about Ibiza as well. For those who follow me on Instagram, you have already seen a few of the photos I posted of this beautiful Island. In the posts that I will do on Ibiza you will see more of the great shots I took and the outfits I wore. Also still to come are posts about my birthday and the first Caribbean fashion show that Caribbean Fashion Spot held in Barcelona. So please stay tuned my sweeties.


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