Throwback Thursday: My army three-piece swimsuit

Before I share all  the posts about Barcelona and my birthday last month, I wanted to give you a throw back to six years ago in the summer time. It was the weekend of the annual reggae summer festival Reggae Sundance in Eersel, Netherlands. For that weekend I was staying with a small group at 4 star hotel NH Geldrop, not far from the festival. They have a wonderful pool and jacuzzi at this hotel and of course I had to take me a little dip in both.

My swimwear choice for the day was my army three-piece, which was one of my favourites back then. When it comes to swimwear I always like a little cover up as I don’t like too much showing in public, plus a nice bikini bottom cover adds a fashionable touch to any bikini. This set I got at a fashion store in Paramaribo city when I was on vacation in Suriname back in 2006. During my closet cleanse last year I gave it away. Fortunately I will always have these pictures to remember my army three-piece swimsuit. With that being said these pictures will motivate me to get my body back in shape. Time to hit the gym again.

100_1749 100_1754100_1758

By the way the NH Geldrop is one of the best hotels I stayed at. The breakfast was amazing. An NH hotel is certainly a good idea if you’re looking for a nice place to stay that is not too expensive. Recommended!


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