The winners of #xxfashiondivacontest1 are…

Giveaway price

A little later than I planned, but we have ourselves some winners of the first XX Fashion Diva giveaway. Here we go:

The Facebook winner is ‘Randi An William’.

The Instagram winner is ‘Jennychilo’.

The bonus Blog winner is ‘Biancarogoveanu’.

All these winners were picked after checking on that platform if they followed XX Fashion Diva and liked the giveaway post, explained on that platform (or any other) why they needed to win, and used the hashtag #xxfashiondivacontest1 in their comments or posts on that platform. Plus they all liked or followed multiple platforms.

Congratulations to these three winners. A private message with the announcement is sent to you all on FB. After you respond, I will sent an email with further details. Please reply to claim your price.

Unfortunately there is no Twitter winner, because this platform does no have the 150 followers I required at the beginning of this giveaway. Maybe next time.


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