Saturday Slow Jam: Everything about you

The slow jams of November were all about love songs for that special woman. Started the month with one of my favourite artists and ending it with my absolute favourite one when it comes to slow jams. How I remember the times when I used to listen to this song almost everyday. There is no video of this song, but there is no need, because it’s all about the words anyway. When it comes to that special woman in his life, I really believe that a man loves everything about her.

Presenting you my favourite slow jam R&B artist Avant, who sings exactly about that special woman in his song Everything about you:

Just like the song, the outfit that Avant is wearing here is timeless.

Now that you’ve listened to the words, listen one more time with the lyrics:


And ladies, I hope that you have someone special in your life or will soon meet someone special who loves everything about you.


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