Dope street style at Kwaku Summer Festival in Amsterdam

Kwaku Podium

Kwaku Summer Festival is an annual Surinamese themed summer festival that is being held in Amsterdam Southeast (The Bijlmer) for a few weekends, on Saturday on Sunday, in a row. This used to be six weekends, but this year the festival was open for five weekends. From July 12 – August 10, visitors of Kwaku were able to enjoy good music, entertainment, shopping at different booths and of course good Surinamese food, and lots of it. Typical Surinamese dishes, snacks, pastry, drinks (Parbo Bier) and desserts are yours for the choosing. And a lot of BBQ. If you want a taste of the Surinamese culture Kwaku is the place to be. At Kwaku you can experience a little bit of Suriname without actually taking that trip all the way to South America. Besides Surinamese food and other Caribbean food, there is also African food and Dutch food and since it’s summer time you can find fresh tropical fruits and fruit juices at several fruit booths.

Whenever there is a festival it is dress up time. Like I said before in my Paramaribo fashion post, Surinamese people love fashion and they take their time to look their best. Kwaku is a place to see and to be seen. It is not just about enjoying yourself and having a good time, but people actually go to flaunt whatever there is to flaunt. And as a Fashion Diva I like to see them flaunting because some of these looks can be very inspiring. The true fashionistas hit it right outta the park, while others need to have a second look in the mirror before they leave their house. Because sometimes it’s like: Really? Oh no she didn’t. Come on people, you can do better than that. That’s why on the last day of Kwaku Summer Festival I went out on a fashion hunt to get some cool street style festival outfits on camera. Most people did a good job with their street style look and I couldn’t describe it anything other than dope. For this reason I had to capture some of these outfits and feature them on XX Fashion Diva. Have a look.

Dope Streetstyle Dope Streetstyle1 Dope Streetstyle2 Kwaku Festival Kwaku Festival1 Kwaku Festival2Dope Streetstyle  (16) Dope Streetstyle  (17)Dope Streetstyle3 Dope Streetstyle4Dope Streetstyle  (25) Kwaku Festival3 Dope Streetstyle5 Dope Streetstyle6 Kwaku Festival4

Also taken on Sunday a week before:

Dope Streetstyle  (36) Dope Streetstyle  (37)

Snapshots of Kwaku Summer Festival in the evening of the last festival day:

Kwaku Festival5

If you’re in Amsterdam in the summer time next year, don’t forget to pay a visit to Kwaku Summer Festival. Who knows I might take a snapshot of you and your dope street style look.


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