Twenty reasons why shopping is amazing

woman shopping


1. gives you the feeling that all of your hard work wasn’t for nothing

2. gives you the great feeling of newness

3. gives you an oppurtunity to a fresh start

4. gives you the idea that you can conquer the world after

5. makes you feel good every time you do it

6. is the perfect solution when you are feeling down

7. is the best way to treat yourself

8. is something you don’t need an excuse to do

9. is the best therapy there is: Retail therapy!

10. is one of the few things in life on which you control the amount you spend

11. is even better when you don’t have to be concerned about a budget

12. is always a party with your boyfriend’s/husband’s credit card

13. is a big party when there is a sale

14. is the perfect date with your girlfriends

15. is the perfect excuse not to spend time with your boyfriend/husband

16. is something you can do all alone

17. brings women closer together

18. can be the start of new friendships

19. never gets bored

20. is fun


That is why I LOVE SHOPPING!!!!! It is something I can do everyday. ❤




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