How I celebrated the first day of summer

Summerday 9

While sitting here ending this weekend with a cold cosmopolitan, I wanted to tell you about how I spent the first day of summer 2014. Like I told you in my previous post Happy first day of summer, I always wear a new summer dress on june 21 to celebrate the kick off of the summer season, I also added a picture of the dress. And when I wear a new dress I want to go somewhere special or do something special. After being at home most of the day, watching a few episodes of the series Awkward on MTV and working on my laptop, I wanted to take it outside to celebrate summer and wear my new dress. So I did.

A few weeks ago when I was at the movies I saw a trailer of a new musical film that is supposed to be the summer hit of this year, Walking on Sunshine, and immediately I told myself that I had to see it. On the first day of summer I suddenly remembered it and decided that going to this movie was a good way to start off summer. Because I know that my mother loves musicals a lot, who else to take with me than my mom. That’s when I went on the internet to check the timetable of the cinema and agreed with my mom to take the 9 pm one. That way we would end the first summer day with a feel good summer film.

And what a nice summer film it was indeed. When it comes to summer musicals it’s always about two things: sunshine and romance. The name of the movie doesn’t end with Sunshine for nothing. Filmed under the Italian sun, loaded with good old eighties summer hits, Walking on Sunshine is the must see movie for this summer. I couldn’t think of something better to do on that day. Because of this movie I wanna go to Italy this summer even more than I wanted before.

Of course I spiced up my summer dress to make a complete outfit. Styled with a salmon pink blazer, a necklace, a matching rose in my hair, my I love Su flat sandals and my favorite small Sweet bag, I was ready to celebrate summer 2014. Some photos:

Summerday 1

Summerday 2

Summerday 3

Summerday 4

When I got back home, I ended the day by first having one last after smile watching the trailer of Walking on Sunshine with a cold cosmopolitan, just like I am having now. And when I think of a Cosmopolitan, the first thing that comes to mind is Sex and the City. After that I watched the first dvd of my Sex and the City dvd box, followed by the first Sex and the City movie. To me this was a perfect ending of the first day of summer. That’s a lot of firsts for this day right :).

Summerday 6

Summerday 7


If you are a musical lover and haven’t seen Walking on Sunshine yet, please go check it out as soon as you can. You will have a good time.

My outfit

Floral dress: Forever 21

Blazer: Steps

Necklace (no label)

Rose: H&M

Flat Sandals: I love Su (not the official brand)

Bag: Sweet


Hoped you all enjoyed your first day of Summer 2014 as well.


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