Jamaica Nostalgia: one year after


Last year on June 10, I was on my way as part of Caribbean Fashion Spot (CFS) to Jamaica for the Caribbean Fashion Week in Kingston. This week I’m feeling a little nostalgic and like to look back on the great time I had during this “workaction”, starting with the trip to Kingston. The best trips are those of which you mix business with pleasure. If someone would’ve told me that one year later CFS would be in the middle of organizing its own Caribbean fashion show during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam (MBFWA), I would not have believed them.

But as you guys have witnessed these last couple of weeks by reading my blogposts and following me on my social media, it is true. Everything is possible! Have a look with me at my favourite moments of my trip to Kingston, Jamaica.

Leaving from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol:

Departure (1)

In the air with Delta on my way to Atlanta first for transfer:

Arrival (4)

The yummy food I had in the airplane:

Airplane food1 Airplane food2

Hello Atlanta:

Arrival (12)

Almost landing. Check out that ATL skyline:

Arrival (18)

Arrived safe and well in ATL. But first a selfie:

Arrival (20)

There it is, Kingston on spot number 5 and it’s on time:

ATL Airport  (12)

Pon arrival in Atlanta I have to strike a pose before my transfer flight to Kingston:

Me at ATL Airport 1

The store where I got myself an Atlanta t-shirt, like a real tourist and the most delicious (lemon) cupcake I’ve ever had!:

Atlanta13 Atlanta22

Time to leave Atlanta for Kingston:


Enjoying my yummy lemon cupcake immediately on the flight:


Bye bye Atlanta:


Snack time in between:


WELCOME TO JAMROCK!!! (Damien Marley voice):


Landed safely and on my way to the arrival hall:


Safe and sound in Kingston. But let me take my first Jamaica selfie:



Yes! Thank you Jamaica


NOSTALGIA!! What an amazing time I had. Need fi go back soon to sweet Jamaica! Have you guys ever been to Jamaica?? And how was it for you? Let me know. If you live on this beautiful Caribbean island you can holler at me also.

For my experiences in Jamaica and everything about the Caribbean Fashion Week 2014 (CFW 2014) in Kingston, check out my Jamaica 2014 posts.


XX Fashion Diva

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