Travel Vlogs: Get it to the Greek!

Last year Summer I’ve been to a few places for the first time. Greece was one of them. Although it wasn’t mainland Greece, I went to the island of Rhodes, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful ones, with a rich culture and history. It was a mini family vacation with my mother and sister, of which my mom and I were there for a few days longer. Of course I had to film some nice travel footage for my vlog viewers, which is now uploaded on my YouTube channel.

As usual in my travel vlogs, I take you along with me to share what I do on my trip and give you tips of places to visit, what to see and where to eat. Just like my previous travel vlogs I made two separate vlogs, because I always have so much footage that it doesn’t fit in one vlog with the maximum duration time I keep on, which is 35 minutes. Only this time around I gave them a different number, given the fact that the trip took place during two different weeks. Since I am a week vlogger, who vlogs from Monday until Sunday, I only use point 1 and point 2 to number my vlogs (previous vlogs 17.1 and 17.2) if it concerns the same week. Every new week gets a new number. Just so you know.

So here are vlog 18 and vlog 19 about my family vacay on Rhodes. Grab a drink and a snack, relax and enjoy!


Vlog 18

Vlog 19


Keep an eye on the blog for the blog posts with Rhodes tips about this Rhodes trip.


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