Plog: My first impressions of Kingston


Like I did with my first impressions of Atlanta, this is also a pictures only post of my first impressions of Kingston. Hope you enjoy these ass well. Starting with the first view of Jamaica taken from my window seat in the airplane, followed by a few boards on the wall at the airport upon arrival, which I really like. Then I have some shots of the first day and what food I had then, and some photos of the neighbourhood where I was in Kingston 5, in suburban Mona. While you all are looking at these photos I’m back in the Netherlands safe and sound. 

20140610_201635 20140610_201712 20140610_201833 20140610_201927 20140610_202024 20140610_204010 20140610_204040

The first day:

20140611_10112520140611_170339 20140611_170710 20140611_170730 20140611_170737 20140611_18244920140611_182432 20140611_183137 20140611_18325120140611_20281420140611_192805 20140611_193542

The neighbourhood in Mona:

20140612_112517 20140612_112548 20140612_11262820140612_135423 20140612_135449 20140612_13543220140612_135538 20140612_135555


That’s it for the first impressions of Kingston. Actually I wanted to do this post while I was still in Jamaica, but unfortunately I never got to it due to different circumstances. Even before my departure I tried to post this while waiting at the airport, but there were some wi-fi problems with my laptop, so I couldn’t. Sorry for the long wait my dear readers.

This week I will do a few posts about my stay in Kingston, the Caribbean Fashion Week  2014 (CFW 2014), and some other related stuff in general. Stay tuned.


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