Blogiversary: celebrating my first post on XX Fashion Diva

Dresses Jane Norman

How time flies! Exactly one year ago today I wrote my first blog post on XX Fashion Diva. That makes today my first Blog Anniversary. Blogiversary! If you have followed my since the beginning, you would know what post I am talking about. The idea of starting this XX Fashion Diva blog came to me on March 5, 2014, a few months after I started my XX Fashion Diva Facebook page. For my first post I wanted to share something that represented me and get my readers to know the most important fashion fact about me since this is first and foremost a fashion blog. Continue reading “Blogiversary: celebrating my first post on XX Fashion Diva”

Coming up on XX Fashion Diva for July


This month is going to be a very busy month for me and here on XX Fashion Diva. In this post I like to give you an update on what to expect for the next 4 weeks of July on the blog. If you are following this blog for a while now, you may know that I was in Jamaica last month to attend the Caribbean Fashion Week 2014 in Kingston. The past few weeks I did a few posts about my stay in Jamaica and the Fashion Week. All the posts about Jamaica so far are available in the category Jamaica 2014. Continue reading “Coming up on XX Fashion Diva for July”

My first day in Kingston, Jamaica


In my previous post I told you about how we tried to visit the beach on the first day, but that didn’t went as we thought it would. Well the day wasn’t a total loss. Although we were at the Half Way Tree bus terminal for almost 1,5 hours walking, searching, asking for directions and waiting for the bus without any luck, we did do something while already outside. We walked a little around Half Way Tree, visited the Pavilion Mall and then ended up at Sovereign Centre in Liguanea. Continue reading “My first day in Kingston, Jamaica”