Plog Amsterdam Denim Days 2014 Blueprint pt. 2: Meet the Denim Heroes


In this plog I like to take you trough the awesome stuff the pro’s of the denim industry produced (made) or designed. During the event I had the opportunity to talk to them and got them to pose with their own creations. To me they truly are Denim Heroes.

Meet Lizzie Kroeze of Facing West. She presented the Expo ‘Indigo Roosters’. This Exhibition was curated by her and Miles Johnson (Designer Director of Levi’s XX). It is a collection of indigo fabrics and pieces from all over the world. Check out the denim quilt and jacket she made herself. Love!!

IMG-20140510-04426IMG-20140510-04429IMG-20140510-04416IMG-20140510-04427IMG-20140510-04428IMG-20140510-04411 IMG-20140510-04413 IMG-20140510-04414 IMG-20140510-04415 IMG-20140510-04420 IMG-20140510-04421 IMG-20140510-04422 IMG-20140510-04423 IMG-20140510-04425

Introducing Dutch Denim Heroe Jesper Remmerswaal of Tulp Jeans. He designed and made these jeans himself using raw denim. Unfortunately women, he only produces jeans for men. Look at the jeans transformation trough the years from raw denim to the denim jeans we all know and see on the streets. Amazing isn’t it:

IMG-20140510-04457IMG-20140510-04455 IMG-20140510-04456IMG-20140510-04462IMG-20140510-04460 IMG-20140510-04461IMG-20140510-04458IMG-20140510-04459

Presenting the designer of Indigo People and Pepe Jeans London. Of course he is wearing a Pepe Jeans denim outfit and a Indigo People scarf which he all designed himself. See here the beautiful indigo scarves of Indigo People, and the Pepe Jeans booth:

IMG-20140510-04468IMG-20140510-04464 IMG-20140510-04465 IMG-20140510-04466 IMG-20140510-04467 IMG-20140510-04469IMG-20140523-WA003 IMG-20140523-WA006 IMG-20140523-WA007DSC_0522

Oyuki Denim, Japanese raw selvedge denim for kids. Inspired by the daughter of founder Guido Kerssens:

IMG-20140510-04476 IMG-20140510-04477 IMG-20140510-04481

Read a blog article about Oyuki here.

That’s it for part 2: The Denim Heroes. Make sure to check out their websites for more information. Stay tuned for part 3.


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